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Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy as a bee.....

sorry all.......crazy busy at this time of year. We are having lots of heat, far more than usual, and with heat comes extra watering of the livestock. I'm pooped of making the rounds so often! As soon as I get a helper, the rams are being pulled and put in their ram housing for the rest of the summer, then all the girls and their lambs can go into the bigger paddock by themselves and sort out their hierarchy again. All of the lambs are doing great.....a number of the ewe lambs are for sale too so if you want Minwawe genetics, they are certainly here and available. If you can meet a Northwest Airlines flight, I can put 2 in a crate while they are still under 20 pounds each, so that certainly helps! Will have to get new photos of the kids soon....they are getting to be such a lovely group too!

The Muscovies are hatching out small numbers of ducklings now too.....7 already here and thriving well, more to hatch as there are 6 more clutches that the girls are sitting.

On the chicken front, I may indeed have a beautiful Splash Blue Giant Cochin hen. They've molted into their permanent adult feathers now and boy is she gorgeous! I might have to enter her in the fair......

The dogs are doing great......I took Russell and Mimi in today for their hips and elbows. Those both should easily pass, but we'll wait for the final say from OFA! Gosh it's expensive to have them done tho - EEEEK!

The goats.......the Nubians girls are milking well. Did I mention I was in a goat show a little over a week ago?? I try to sell some of my best kids and adults to those who will show them and also put them on DHIR milk test. So, on the 31st, we had a big goat show that was fun. I had a number of goats entered. I consider myself a grateful breeder that I've put some nice stock out there......the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Senior does, Junior does, AND Bucks were ALL Silveraurora goats owned by others! Clean sweep - woohoo!!! That was a thrill! And for my youngsters in the big breeds, Queisha - one of my Nubians - who is 5 months old took Reserve Grand Champion Junior Nubian - the grand champion went on to win Best In Show Jr Doe so I'll take that reserve anytime to a BIS goat!!; and my 3 month old Saanen Elendearly took Reserve Grand Champion out of the AOP (all other purebreds) class against Saanens, Oberhaslis, and LaManchas. The Grand went to a year and a half old Ober, so they certainly did well!

Hope you're doing well......

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