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Saturday, March 28, 2009

And Again........And Again!!

Ash on my pickup truck - taken around 8pm........

Redoubt is one busy volcano today! At least we got through heding lessons ok, then it blew up at 3:30pm. The ash cloud moved slowly and by 6:30pm ash was starting to fall from the sky. Then, at 7:25pm, it blew up again. The winds were quicker, we pulled up the radar loop and you could see the spot where it's located and the ash plume showed up on radar clear as a bell! Wild! The we watched it move quickly up the inlet towards us, splitting into two major clouds - one headed north towards Skwenta, the other right over us. You could see the dark cloud come over us really was wild.


Nancy K. said...

Is that stuff safe to breathe????

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

No, not in any quantity, but then again I have a 29 year old Quarter Horse who's lived through 2 major ashfalls (so have I) and he breathes just fine :-)

Just stinks like sulphur in the air out there right now, and makes my nose run....haha!