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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weird winds bring a 27 degree rise in the temperature....temporarily

The winds are desperately trying to bring in some 'normal' temperatures. All day we sat around -20F. Suddenly this evening the winds picked up and in came some warm temperatures - relatively speaking! Check this out - from the NOAA weather site in Wasilla. And you ALL know where Wasilla is now after the Vice Presidential run for the Republican Party this year...hehehehe.....
it will crash back down to -20 or -30 when the wind lets up. It did this yesterday too, except in the middle of the night when you couldn't appreciate it. So here's hoping and waiting for the long cold snap to go away and things to go back to normal again! The sheep are really tired of this too!

04 20:36 NE 13 G22 7F
04 20:16 NE 15 G 36 7F
04 19:56 NE 15 G 29 7F
04 19:36 NE 9 G 20 7F
04 19:16 E 7 -0F
04 18:56 E 9 -4F
04 18:36 E 5 -20F
04 18:16 NW 3 -20F
04 17:56 Calm -20F


Jenny Holden said...

Cor that's cold! Coldest we've had was -11C (12F) and that made conditions icy enough! Hope you've got a good warm fire and lots of hay for those poor little sheep!

Wrensong Farm said...

brrrrrr! I spent a couple of months in the Summer of 85 in Wasilla, back when it was a cute little town. :)

I have to agree with you about being ready for the weather to return to normal!