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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well good morning!

I promised I'd be back again! Here we are, waiting for the temperatures to fall through the floor. It snowed all day Christmas day, and as of Friday we were buried in it. Rick worked hard all day long with both snow plow then our big 4 wheel drive tractor to pile it up out of the way. Quite a huge snowfall for us too, although not the worst we've ever seen by far. Somewhere around 8 or 9 inches. We normally have had about 30 inches of snow by now - often we don't get much in January or February with most falling by December. According to the Anchorage NOAA website, we're 20 inches more than usual so far. That's allot! Yesterday morning it was fairly calm out, a little breeze here and there, as I went around doing chores. It was also nice out for winter, temperatures in the high teens. Then, out of nowhere, high winds hit us. We don't usually get winds here like they do in town. By 8am it was noisy. 45mph gusts. And that kept on all day long into the night. We still have some gusts coming through this morning, but it is also still 8 degrees above zero. There is a cold snap coming - a BAD one. I can't believe we didn't wake up to it already but that is great news, as I still have more hay and grain to haul and bedding to put into place. There have been plenty of weather warnings issued already......predictions are for a week to 10 days straight of daytime highs of zero, nighttime lows of -20 or worse. You HAVE to prepare for cold like that! Poor Fairbanks, they predicted their HIGH today is going to be -35! Ouch.

Guess what Santa brought me for my barn? A brand new big bullet space heater! YAY!!!!!!! Warm barn warm barn warm barn!!!!


Wrensong Farm said...

Brrrrrrr. It's great that you have power to your barn (something I hope to get in next summer) and a nice heater to plug into it! I love Alaska, not sure I could live in Fairbanks though!

Deborah said...

We had a high of 0 last week when our power was out. It was horrible. I can't imagine -35!!! I think -15 is about the coldest thing I've ever experienced. Once it hits single digits, it just feels like my face is going to freeze and fall off!