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Monday, August 27, 2007

Remember this song?

When the moon comes over the mountain... ahhh, it was a beautiful cool night here with the moon rising, I thought I'd grab my camera. It's 3 hours away from the lunar eclipse, so I thought I'd take a photo now since I won't be awake at that time of night.

Still celebrating our wins at the Alaska State Fair Open Livestock Shows. Captain, a son of the magnificent Pan, took the blue ribbon for Shetland Rams. Cheesecake, Flutter, and Sleeping Beauty all took the top 3 placings for ewes too. We are pretty darned thrilled with Mary Ellen's Minwawe sheep she sent us - thank you ME, the kids are happy and healthy and well loved and admired. They have many new friends now I'm sure and were a hit at the fair!

Another win was our Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat named Wahooroo. Wahoo won Division Champion over all of the other goats entered. That was a huge win, a best in show. I am thrilled! What an honor... and I am her breeder too.

The sheep got to come home tonight. They were very happy to be all together again, afterall, it's too early for breeding so they get to stay together in one big happy group. The older ewes of mine were non-plused of course...oh ho-hum, the kids are back, now we have to share again...hahahaha!

Did I tell you? Cheesecake is my new kid. She is my light moorit ewe, and my favorite to hold. Why? Because she is like a squeeze toy! When you pick her up and hold her in your arms, she will make the most lovely, soft sound...she says 'Maaaaahh'. No, it is not a bah, nor a scream, not even loud...just a tiny soft gentle is the most beautiful sound. Children love her, she doesn't scare them with her soft voice. We ALL own a loud obnoxious ewe that can make the hair fall off your arm, right? If not, then you haven't had enough sheep long enough! I think Cheesecake is going to have to go with us to our goat club charity events in the future...time to get her a very special wool rope halter lead I do believe!

I hope you enjoyed tonight's photo, and I'll type again soon!

Wait, did I hear you humming that song???


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh, I have one of those LOUD, obnoxious-sounded Shetlands -- and several only slightly quieter. No soft-voiced sweeties like Cheesecake. Lucky you! I bet she'll be one of your best marketing tools ever. :-)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

BTW, do we get to see PHOTOS of these prize-winning animals???