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Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm back and the sheep did well!

Oh my I feel human again! My sheep are happy. They've been up at their shed for 2 days now. Lots of rest, lots of food, more rest, more food. Funny thing tho, after 5 days of working hard down at the herding arena, you'd think they'd never want to go back there.


Every morning I'd look out and there they were....standing by the gate that leads down to the arena. At first I thought maybe there was something that caught their eye down in the south hayfield...then in the late morning, same thing. Afternoon, a group would be at the gate. Evening again.

You know what? I think they wanted to go down to the arena! They like it down there. The dogs don't bother them much, they get to eat grass and a little bit of clover, they get to lay down in a new place.

They are happy being 'herded sheep'.

Good sheep.

I'm happy with them too!

Above is Anna with her ribbons and her judges and myself. I am very wet and very muddy, but very happy...see the wet pants from where the sheep would walk with me while they too were sopping wet?


Kathy L. said...

Well done to both you and the dog! And the sheep! :)

And you're one person who can pull off looking good in mud! (lol)

bopeep said...

Great! Congratulations....I'm so glad your sheep did well too. You are the first person I have actually heard say shetlands do well as herding sheep. Way to go.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So what are you up to in the far north? It's been awfully quiet on your blog....

Heather said...

Always glad to see photos of Brady's momma, and to hear of her accomplishments.